Brickwork Cleaning

Brickwork cleaning can vary depending on what kind of bricks are getting cleaned and also what the substance is you are removing from the surface. For General dirt and grime we would always use the DOFF system for this because of its low pressure and high temperature to make sure damage is not done to the surface. This method would also be used for graffiti removal as it melts the paint without causing any damage. 

There are however some substances which the DOFF machine will not remove such as carbon sulphation, brittle paints, limescale and more. When we come across this it is required that we use a blast cleaner. For thus we use the TORC machine made by the same company as the DOFF. This works by creating a gentle swirling vortex using a mixture of low air pressure, little water and a safe inert fine granulate. 

It is a highly effective way of cleaning without causing any damage providing that this has been carried out by one of our fully trained operatives.

Stone & Sandstone Cleaning

There are many different types of stone out there, that is why it is very important to be able to identify it correctly and use the appropriate machine for cleaning it as there can great damage caused to the stone. If the stone has been damaged it can end up being very costly to rectify. This is why it should always be taken on by a trained professional.


Sandstone must be taken will the most care as is is very soft and can easily be damaged, the DOFF and TORC machines would generally be used for this type of work because of how effective yet gentle they are. Carbon build up is the most common on older sandstone building and for the removal of this we would use our TORC system. With our expert advise we will help get your building looking new once again.

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