The DOFF System is unique in achieving temperatures up to 150 degrees at the nozzle end – making it a ‘superheated water system’. This machine is the perfect machine for removing paint and any biological matter and general dirt and grime without causing any damage to the material. This is due to the trainer operator and the low pressure that this machine works on. By using this superheated system it quickly kills moss, algae or graffiti reducing the need for chemicals. Without the need for chemicals it reduces the time spent on the job which therefore reduces the cost. 

We have taken on many brick and sandstone cleaning jobs using the DOFF machine and cleans brilliantly without blowing out any mortar joints or damaging the soft sandstone which would happen if you were using a pressure washer. As this machine works at a temperature of 150 degrees the surface that is being cleaned is dry within minutes.


The DOFF machine is the number one choice for architects when it comes to the cleaning historical listed buildings or any other delicate buildings which need to be dealt with extreme care. Our team are experts when it comes to this work and know how to take great care when working on older or listed buildings.  

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