Graffiti is not a good look on any building never mind your own. That is why we are very quick and efficient when we have Graffiti removals to do as it is an eyesore for anyone to look at. We are using the most up to date specialist equipment such as the DOFF and TORC systems to ensure that graffiti is completely removed from any surface. Heat is the enemy of all common paint so this is why the DOFF machine is exceptional for the job.


The big problem with graffiti is that it is can be on everything and anything, however this does not mean that it can not be removed. Our team know the safest and most effective way to remove graffiti whether it is on a delicate surface like sandstone to bus shelters. We are always able to identify what method of cleaning is required. It is sometimes necessary to use a chemical. All the chemicals that we use are environmentally friendly and highly effective.


Areas that are targeted regularly by graffiti artists are better protected by an anti graffiti coating. The anti graffiti coating is a tough, weather and chemical resistant coating that is applied to surfaces to provide a barrier between any potential graffiti and the sensitive surface underneath. This prevents permanent damage by graffiti vandals. Anti graffiti coatings are a gloss or matt finish and can be colour tinted to suit. Graffiti removal from these surfaces is traditionally done by hand.

Positive Cleaning Solutions can apply anti graffiti coatings to your requirements and also remove graffiti from these surfaces.

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